If you are planning to connect with a large audience from around the world, Facebook advertising can help you reach your goal.

With the way Facebook algorithm changes, it can become challenging to organically connect with fans. Even at that, the micro-targeting features of Facebook will allow a user to reach his/her right target audience. This means that with Facebook ads, your messages can be seen by the people who would like to buy your products or need your services.

Before beginning to make Facebook ads, it is important that you know the different types of Facebook ads and also the targeting options in order to get a more positive outcome. This article contains the information you should know about Facebook advertising.

First, let us take a brief look at some of the different types of Facebook ads.

Facebook ads Types

  • Image adverts

These are some of the great ways to begin your Facebook advertising. You just need some clicks to create one by using an image to boost a post that already exists. Even if image ads are simple, they have to be creative and fun.

  • Video ads

These kinds of ads are uploaded on Stories and News Feed. If the video is longer, then it can be shown as an in-stream ad. With video ads, you can display your products and your team in action. The video does not need to be very long, you can make it in form of GIF graphics. Just ensure that it explains the services you offer.

  • Carousel ads

With this kind of ad, you can make use of 10 videos or images to advertise your service or product. The advantage of using this format is that it can allow you to highlight the different benefits and features of one or more products.

  • Slideshow ads

This one makes it easy for you to use text, still photos, or a few video clips to create a short video advert. Ads manager will provide you with stock photos even if you do not have yours.

  • Collection ads

Collection ads are paid ads that can be used only on mobile devices. With these ads, you can display up to 5 products that your customers will click. It allows customers to buy a product right on Facebook.

  • Lead ads

This is another type of Facebook ad and it works only on mobile devices. This is because it was designed specifically to make people easily send you their contact info without typing much.

  • Dynamic ads

With dynamic ads, you can promote your products to potential customers that may likely want to buy them. It will help to remind a prospective customer that he/she needs to complete a particular purchase.

  • Messenger ads

Messenger ads will make it possible for you to reach 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger users every month. Choose your desired placement to be Messenger when you are creating an ad. The Facebook feed should also be selected.

  • Stories ads

This is another effective way of advertising on Facebook. Your viewers can view your video on a vertical full-screen without them having to turn their screens.

  • Playable ads

A playable ad is the latest type of Facebook ad. You can create something like a game that will encourage your visitors to interact with the content that you have created.

How to do Facebook advertising

Here are 7 steps that you can take to run your Facebook ads and grow your business:

  1. Choose your objective
  2. Give your campaign a name
  3. Create and set your Google ad account up
  4. Have a target audience
  5. Choose where you want to place your Facebook ads
  6. Set a schedule and budget
  7. Create the ads.

Facebook ads are a very powerful tool that you can use to promote your business on a social network.

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