If you want your business to grow beyond where it is now, you need to make a very important decision, and that is, to advertise on Google. When you take this step, it will help you to reach new and more customers, thereby making your business grow. Google AdWords which is currently known as Google Ads, is the most used and largest online platform for making adverts. Advertising on Google helps your business to reach millions of potential audience/customers. This article contains the beginner’s guide to placing adverts on Google. Let us hit the ball rolling.

How does Advertising on Google Work?

Google Ads work just like an auction, but not like the regular kind of auction. Why we said this is because your bid is not all that matters – the relevance and quality of your ad campaigns will be taken into account by the auction, meaning that there is a level playing field for everyone, and not just for advertisers that have the fullest pockets.

This auction is mainly centered on a ‘keywords’ concept. All advertisers usually identify the relevant keywords that relate to their various businesses and the ones that searchers will likely make use of while searching for something, and then they will place a bid on each of them. They will state the amount that would like to pay whenever a user clicks on their Google ad. If you have heard about “pay-per-click advertising”, that is where it came from.

Each time a Google user inputs a keyword to search for something on Google, an ad auction always takes place. This means that there is always a great opportunity for potential customers to see your ads when they search for the keywords that you are bidding on. Since those prospective customers are actively searching for what you are selling, you will always show up at the right time. This is why advertising on Google is extremely powerful and advantageous and is an effective way of growing your business.

How you can make ads on Google

Before you can begin to advertise on Google, you will need to have your personal Google Ads account. Creating this account is totally free. Creating an account is not all that matters, you will also need to learn the basics of growing your business with Google Ads.

Below is a list of some steps involved in making Google ads:

  • Establish the goals of your account
  • Determine your potential audience
  • Make a research of keywords
  • Set your budgets
  • Set bids
  • Build your optimal account structure
  • Build the optimal structure of your account
  • Create landing pages that are effective
  • Write/create high-performing ads
  • Make use of conversion tracking
  • Grow your lists of remarketing
  • Make optimization habitual

Consider the structure of your account

Considering the structure of your account is the foremost step. While it is true that there are several ways that a Google Ads account can be structured, like through product categorization or mirroring of your website’s structure, all the most successful and effective accounts share equal qualities in terms of an organizational hierarchy.

There are campaigns within every single account. For some advertisers, they run just one campaign at a time, while some other advertisers simultaneously run several campaigns. There are many ad groups in each campaign, and each of them has unique ad text, landing pages, and keywords.

Advertising on Google can have a significant impact on your business, take advantage of this service by first creating an account as we have mentioned earlier, and grow your business.

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