Journey with Itay Verchik with 4 methods in advertising on Google

Methods in advertising on Google

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One thing I have noticed over the years in both the United States and Israel while building my business, website, or virtual store is that there is a great need for advertising on Google.

A well-implemented PPC can go a long way in creating a proper conversion and great revenue. The best way to find an ideal customer suitable for your product is when they search on popular search engines like Google or Bing.

At the age of 19 when I joined the English Army, one thing I sort to teach myself is determination and resilience, so while creating a good business, you need to learn to be patient, because having a poorly implemented PPC campaign without those methods in advertising on Google can cost a lot more since you pay for the clicks being generated from your ads.

Usually, you might even pay more than the revenue it might pack.

When building a proper business, reaching out to the right audience and pitching the right product is ideal for your business.

However, there are some strategies that the PPC campaigns would automatically work for regardless of your business.

There are no two ways in creating a productive campaign, but there are different ways to making sure are used to the maximum. In this article, I would guide you through the 4 ways on how you can place a proper advertisement on Google.

Methods in advertising on Google

  1. Make your landing page relevant

A lot of people overlook this process when trying to run a paid search.

It is easy to lose yourself when trying to go through a paid search platform, testing things like testing ad copies and tweaking bids, something interesting happens when a user clicks on an ad on a platform that you are on: they go to the landing page of your site.

What is the main goal of your PPC campaign? To make a Sale of course! The use of a proper PPC should lead users who click on your ads to your page, now, it is left to the landing page to make such customer a paying customer.

  • Optimize negative Keywords

Personally, one great tool you shouldn’t joke with is the integrity of your Google Ads campaign, and what better way than to utilize negative Keywords.

These ads can allow you to note certain keywords that are not fit for your business. The moment you tell Google your specifics on keywords, it denies your ad from popping up from keyword searches that are not following your product.

  • Using the right keywords

Itay Verchik says that, Google advertisement depends on the intention of a user using keyword searches. That is why PPC is considered a direct marketing channel.

Take a look at this scenario, whenever someone searches a query on Google the auction system decides what ads are relevant and displays them accordingly.

The keywords and modifiers used when generating your PPC campaigns are quite important. There are 4 ways in telling Google or any other search engine concerning your bit.

  • Broad: This is considered to be a “net”, which is then cast out and match according to the searches.
  • Broad match modified: that is the second-largest net to cast, compared to the broad match, you can allow your ad to appear in the phrase being contested for. This match tells the search engines to check for the phrase in the order of the placement.
  • Phrase match: this match, allows search engines to show your ads when users put the exact phrase that you specified. The trick is that your ad would pop up if the user uses your phrase the exact way in the exact order you made it.
  • Exact match: both the exact match and the phrase match are quite similar, normally the ads would pop up when the user uses the same query you use, but then Google relaxed things and detect things like misspelling or plural words.
  • Alter keyword over some time

Personally, when using the Google ad or Microsoft ad, I suggest that you sort out strong ad groups that have good themes and some similar keywords.

You can begin by using broad match because there is a level of control whenever my ads show and also some chance to show properly when they pop out.

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